Architectural Coatings & Finish Assemblies (ACF)


Parex offers a number of different assemblies that can go over a wide range of substrates to best meet the desired aesthetic. From simple solutions of simply applying Parex finishes and coatings to premium options that allow for surface leveling and crack suppression Parex has an ACF solution. These solutions can make any number of drab and boring exterior substrates into attractive and aesthetically pleasing.

Masonry is a common form of exterior cladding used in construction and while it is known for its strength and long life, it is not known for its beauty. Parex ACF Masonry is intended to highlight the various finish options that are available through Parex for use on masonry walls. If a structure calls for masonry construction utilize Parex ACF Masonry to improve the structures beauty and curb appeal.

ICF systems are highly energy efficient foam block assemblies. Parex is the perfect complement to these ICF systems to provide a tough and durable lamina to be applied over the foam block. Parex ACF ICF is intended highlight the different options available to provide an ICF system with a durable lamina with an attractive finish and texture.

Stucco is a wall assembly known for its durability and strength. While total stucco assemblies provided by one manufacture are far superior to field mix stucco, budget constraints may require the use of field mix stucco. Parex ACF Stucco has a number of different options to provide non-Parex stucco assemblies with a high quality finish to enhance beauty and curb appeal.

Soffits on a structure are often an overlooked component to delivering a total aesthetic look to a structure. Parex ACF Soffit is intended to provide a number of different options for finishing a structures soffit and taking a mundane feature and turning it into a refined portion of the structures total aesthetic appeal.