Any color. When it comes to color, Parex USA has the entire spectrum covered.


Your design process shouldn't involve choosing color from a small grid of available swatches. Our standard colors? Think of it this way: the human eye can perceive millions of colors; consider that range our color palette. We know how essential the right color, precisely rendered, is to the creative process. So we do what's necessary to match any color you specify.


Design pros have long been reluctant to specify bold, vibrant colors because they're worried about fading and weathering. Now it's time to let your colors fly. A new proprietary pigment system by Parex USA not only makes brilliant colors possible, it also ensures fade resistance.


The advanced technology of our ColorFast Pigment System incorporates an inorganic blend of high quality pigments, allowing you to specify vivid colors without worrying about fading issues. With superior fade resistance, long-term maintenance costs are reduced.



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