With innovative products and appropriate application technique, it's all possible. If you can envision it, Parex USA can bring it to life.
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EIFS - Continuous Insulation (CI)


Armourwall 100

Armourwall 100 WaterMaster

Armourwall 100 Krak-Shield

Armourwall 100 WaterMaster Krak-Shield


Armourwall 300

Armourwall 300 WaterMaster

Armourwall 300 Krak-Shield

Armourwall 300 WaterMaster Krak-Shield


Armourwall 100 HE

Armourwall 100 WaterMaster HE

Armourwall 100 Krak-Shield HE

Armourwall 100 WaterMaster Krak-Shield HE


Armourwall 300 HE

Armourwall 300 WaterMaster HE

Armourwall 300 Krak-Shield HE

Armourwall 300 WaterMaster Krak-Shield HE

Architectural Coatings & Finish Assemblies (ACF)

ACF Soffit

Cement Board

NuTech Stucco (DAFS)

Water-Resistive Barriers (WRB)

WeatherTech WeatherSeal Spray & Roll-On

WeatherTech WeatherSeal Trowel-On

WeatherSeal SB

MVS (Masonry Veneer Systems)

Masonry Veneer System over Continuous Insulation (MVS-CI)

Masonry Veneer System over Stucco (MVS-Standard)

Masonry Veneer System over Cement Board (MVS-CB)

Masonry Veneer System over Concrete Masonry Unit (MVS-CMU)